Photographer’s Pilgrimage



The island of Lindsfarne (Holy Island) off the Northumberland coast was a destination for pilgrims travelling to the priory for centuries. More recently it has become a mecca for photographers – and rightly so.

The castle (now owned by the National Trust) was built around 1550 and used a lot of stone from the priory which fell into disuse around the same time. It was converted to a holiday home by Edward Lutyens in the early twentieth century and has recently undergone a three year restoration. It is an iconic sight perched on top of Beblowe hill.

The islanders use herring boats that are no longer seaworthy as fisherman’s huts by cutting them in half and tuning the hulls upside down.

This view is carefully chosen to show off the boat-sheds and the castle. It seemed to particularly work in monochrome.